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14th October Digital conversation

We are delighted to announce that Elizabeth Rimmer CEO of LawCare, the charity that promotes and supports good mental health in the legal community across the UK, and Kayleigh Leonie, a senior solicitor specialising in employment law and a Trustee of LawCare, and a leading figure in the wellbeing debates via her work leading the JLD resilience surveys will be presenting aspects from LawCare’s very recently published Life in the Law 2021 research findings.

We look forward to a detailed discussion of the report and work of LawCare and of some specific issues facing junior lawyers, and to bridging the discussion to the issues in legal education.

This will be an opportunity to find out more about the first study of its kind exploring wellbeing across the UK legal profession.

Advancing Wellness for Law

August 2021 Feeling connected, supported and valued Caroline Strevens     Review of 2021 publication ‘Protective factors and sources of support in the workplace as experienced by UK foundation and junior doctors: a qualitative study’.[1] I have chosen this paper to review because of the potential it has to provide some suggestions to support junior lawyersContinue reading “Advancing Wellness for Law”

Our digital conversation for May

Our May digital conversation takes place on Tuesday, 11th May 9.30-11.30 (BST) and will discuss the impact of the pandemic on law firms. We have two fabulous speakers. We are delighted to have George Artley, BIC Project Lawyer at the International Bar Association joining us to discuss the findings of the IBA’s recent  global surveys on wellbeingContinue reading “Our digital conversation for May”

Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic Law School

Join us for our April digital conversation on Thursday, 22nd April 9.30-11am The April session will explore and provide an opportunity for us to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic may reshape our understandings of the wellbeing and mental health of those who inhabit university law schools, staff and students; and how, in moving forward, both staff andContinue reading “Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic Law School”

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