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Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic Law School

Join us for our April digital conversation on Thursday, 22nd April 9.30-11am

The April session will explore and provide an opportunity for us to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic may reshape our understandings of the wellbeing and mental health of those who inhabit university law schools, staff and students; and how, in moving forward, both staff and students can thrive in the new learning environments emerging.  

Issues to be addressed include the potential implications of the pandemic for the mental health of law students and legal academics; the wellbeing dimensions of new platforms of delivery, ways of working, forms of performance management and understandings of resilience and care; and what COVID-19 has revealed about existing inequalities and the consequences of the marketization of Higher Education. 

Richard Collier will start the discussion with some brief reflections on the above themes in the UK context and Rachel Field and Colin James will consider the post-pandemic university from an Australian perspective.

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