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Pioneering approaches to law

Join us for our next digital conversation on Thursday, 3rd February from 9.30-11am to listen to two amazing speakers involved in the therapeutic jurisprudence and integrative law movements. For the meeting link, subscribe via our website or email

Dr Anna Kawałek is a Senior Lecturer in Law from Leeds Law School. She is also the co-founder and co-chair of the UK Chapter for Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Trustee and a member of the Advisory Board for the International Society of Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Both these roles involve being at the forefront of international and national decision making and discussions in the area. Dr. Kawalek’s research interests are, Problem-Solving Justice, Specialist Courts, Justice Innovation, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Her recent book in this field has inspired some new work in policy, which will involve setting up a new therapeutic court in line with the government’s White Paper. Alongside this, Dr. Kawalek is also working on a project commissioned to herself and colleagues by the Ministry of Justice, and outputs from this project are expected imminently.


This paper will present the findings from a process evaluation carried out at a problem-solving court located in Manchester (UK). Unlike the widely documented successes of similar international problem-solving courts, there is no detail of this court in the accessible literature. By adopting the seminal ‘wine’ and ‘bottle’ analytical framework propounded by therapeutic jurisprudence scholars, and by carrying out a detailed comparative analysis comparing Manchester Review Court to the international yardstick, findings shed new light on the causes of the UK drug court downfalls pending the UK’s government’s recent calls to roll-out a fresh suite of problem-solving courts and retrial this model. This analysis allows the author to propose a UK-specific problem-solving court matrix to shape new practice in this area, whilst accounting for past failures and acknowledging current issues. The presenter will also provide an overview of new UK research that being developed in this field.

Amber Turner LLM is a Barrister, Acting Solicitor and Mediator. She litigated for 17 years in the Magistrates Court, Supreme Court and Employment Tribunal of Gibraltar and thereafter became a consultant.  Amber founded a unique law firm ‘Amber Law’ in March 2013. “When I founded Amber Law it was to create the first Holistic Law firm that I knew of.  I wanted to create a law firm with a difference, one which sees the human being behind each client and not just their legal problem, or potential for fee earning! A law firm that supports lawyers and clients at all levels of wellbeing: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually”.

Amber’s mission is to teach her Holistic Law Model to law students, lawyers, solicitors and barristers across the globe, providing practical tools and action steps on how to practice law in well-being and why this is essential to attain a more ‘perfect justice’ for all.
Amber took her Bar exams at the Inns of Court School of Law, London (1998) and read her Masters’ Degree in Law at Bristol University (2002). She is a member of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence (including the UK Chapter co-led by Dr Emma Jones) and PISLAP (the Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law and Politics, USA). 

Many pursue careers in law from a passion to create a safer, more just world. Paradoxically in this pursuit, many of us end up working in highly stressful environments. Over a long period of time this leads to chronic stress which negatively impacts our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health: anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, brain fog, depression…How then can Lawyers be at their best to serve their clients and attain justice for all? Integrating ‘Mindfulness’ in our daily legal practice and importantly during client conferences increases the likelihood of a ‘just’ outcome for ourselves and our clients- I’ll share why and how!

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