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SRA Thematic Review presented by Rachel Clements

Rachel Clements works in the thematic risk team at the SRA and led a thematic review looking at workplace culture in law firms. Her powerpoint slides can be accessed here

The report was published in February 2022 with new support and guidance on creating healthy working environments.  The Workplace Culture Thematic Review found that while three quarters of respondents reported working in a broadly positive environment, there are still concerns and issues.

This is an important topic for the SRA – creating a positive workplace culture is crucial for the effective operation of any business but for law firms it not only supports the personal wellbeing of employees but also ethical behaviour, competence and the standard of service received by clients.

The new guidance sets out what is expected of firms in terms of looking after wellbeing and protecting employees from bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation and new rules are under consultation.

Read the thematic review:

Read the workplace wellbeing guidance:

Further help:

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