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Digital Conversations

If you missed our brilliant July session on EDI from Dr Ernestine Gheyoh Ndzi and the launch of the Association of Law Teachers mentoring scheme please find the recording and slides here

Each month we host a live online digital conversation. For 2022/23 we have a fantastic line-up of speakers and topics. To receive an invitation to these, register to join the Network or email us at Planned sessions include:

Can coaching, supervision and emotional literacy change culture in the legal profession?  We now have a recording of the presentation that took place on 6th April 2022 by Laura Simpson of Altura Coaching and Dr Marc Mason from the University of Westminster Law School. It can be found here

Response to error Thursday 3rd March 2022 9.30 am We now have a recording of the presentation by Dr Caroline Mitchell entitled Learning from Failure. It can be found here together with the ppt for both Dr Caroline Mitchell and Professor Caroline Strevens

We all make mistakes: it is part of being human. However, we often regard mistakes as a precursor to failure, perhaps even as a reflection of a lack of ability or talent. Making mistakes can leave us feeling negative and unsuccessful, it can haunt our ability to practice as professionals. Sometimes they can even be career limiting and cause intense personal and organisational trauma.

In our seminar we look at the power of learning from mistakes and near misses. We look at the essential ingredients required for a ‘safe culture’ as well as practical ways of learning from mistakes on a personal and organisational level. Novel approaches to consent, candour, responding to error and wellbeing will be discussed, and we will share the experiences of professions who were leaders in this discipline. We hope you can join us for this whistle-stop tour of the latest approaches to increase professional and client safety through learning from error. 

Dr Caroline Mitchell (B. Pharm (Hons), M. Med Sci., PhD)

Caroline Mitchell is a Visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. She recently took early retirement from the NHS after over 30 years’ experience working with in healthcare and academia in the UK and Europe. She now does teaching and research on the professional aspects of safety. She continues to serve on national advisory bodies

A discussion of the case of Claire Matthews led by Professor Caroline Strevens

In March 2020 Claire Matthews was struck off for dishonesty by the SDT for lying about the time when she left a briefcase on a train containing documents sensitive to a client matter. She was a newly qualified solicitor and unrepresented at the Tribunal.

The Respondent appealed against the Order of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. On 18 March 2021 Mrs Justice Lang approved a consent order quashing the Tribunal’s Order dated 9 March 2020 to strike the Appellant off the Roll of Solicitors and for payment of £10,000 costs.  The case has been referred back to the SDT.

Caroline is a professor of Legal Education at the University of Portsmouth. Caroline’s academic career was preceded by a career in legal practice as a Solicitor.  Caroline’s primary research area is legal education including investigating how principles of positive psychology may influence well-being of staff and students in Higher Education. She is one of a team of UK academics who are supporting LawCare in the development of research aimed at understanding work culture and working practices in order to enhance the wellbeing of legal professionals.

29th March 2022 – Coaching with law students and in legal practice.

April 2022 – Integrating wellbeing support in law.

May 2022 – Disability and identity within law.

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